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Soil Testing In Indianapolis, IN

A1 Oil Tank Removal is a professional underground storage removal company based in Indianapolis, IN. Aside from our removal and disposal services, we also provide inspection and soil testing to clients. 

Our soil testing service is designed to safely test the ground and determine if it is contaminated. We conduct comprehensive inspections using soil testing methods around the location of the underground oil tank. 

Protect yourself from major expenses resulting in leakage from a buried oil tank. Hire A1 Oil Tank Removal to investigate and test your soil!

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A1 Oil Tank Removal Soil Testing Package

  • Full soil evaluation
  • Soil contamination detection
  • Tank tightness test
  • Accurate results


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Our Soil Testing Procedure


  • We begin our soil testing process by installing borings around the location of the underground storage tank to gather the soil samples. 
  • We then deliver the samples to a legitimate laboratory to screen for possible contamination.
  • In case the results conclude with a high possibility of contamination, we will have it analyzed for the presence or absence of hazardous chemicals. This will help determine if the existing underground oil heating tank has leaked and the severity of contamination.
  • Once all these steps are done, we create a detailed report for the property owner.
soil testing

Why Do You Need Soil Testing?

Buying a property? We suggest you order soil testing before buying land or a house.


Many older homes used to utilize underground oil tanks. Some properties for sale might have an existing oil tank that was not properly closed or removed. Chemicals or petroleum could still be lingering in the tank and pipelines. 


Our soil testing solutions are capable of detecting petroleum leaks and if appropriate soil remediation is needed. One cannot prove a property is not harboring an underground oil tank unless a tank sweep is performed. Moreover, contamination in the soil cannot be proven without proper soil testing by a reputable company.


OIl heating tanks carry risks of potentially leaking. Just because you don’t notice any problems with the tank does not mean it has not leaked. We highly advise you to hire our soil testing service to catch such issues early and correct the situation. In case of contamination, our team can help determine the exact depth and severity of the problem.


Request an estimate today. During the consultation, an A1 Oil Tank Removal representative will provide the details you need to know about our soil testing services in Indianapolis, IN.

Trusted Indianapolis Soil Testing Service

Nothing lasts forever. And oil heating tanks are not exempt from deterioration and damage. An old underground oil tank that was not removed or properly decommissioned poses large problems; including polluting the ground. 


All our personnel and technicians are qualified to perform inspections and to collect soil samples. You can trust A1 Oil Tank Removal to carry out our services with utmost care for the people and environment.


  • We follow a non-destructive testing process
  • All our technicians and in-office staff are qualified and skilled
  • Our team uses the best testing instruments and techniques


Your property will be provided the highest quality of service and care. Contact A1 Oil Tank Removal today for oil tank removal services!




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