Soil Remediation in Indianapolis, IN

Contaminated soil is dangerous! A land that polluted with hazardous chemicals or petroleum can:

  • Induce or exacerbate allergies and asthma
  • Cause breathing problem
  • Start a fire or explosion

Maintaining your soil healthy is critical in keeping yourself and the entire neighborhood safe. Removal of dangerous soil contaminants caused by an underground oil tank is essential. Immediate soil remediation is also required by laws and regulations.

soil remediation digging under deck.

A1 Oil Tank Removal experts perform a broad spectrum of oil tank-related services for both residential and commercial customers. Send us an email or talk with our experts now to learn about our soil remediation service.

When Would You Need An Indianapolis Soil Remediation Service?

Soil remediation is the service that helps clean soil polluted by toxic chemicals. It is vital if you desire to:


  • Restore the health of your land or soil
  • Prevent potential contamination to water supplies
  • Follow legal regulations
  • Protect the well-being of people
  • Help make the environment clean and green
  • Preserve the structural integrity of your home
  • Avoid expensive future repairs and maintenance
soil remediation

How Does Our Soil Remediation Work?

Cleanup and remediation of soil involve:

  • Identifying the contaminated area
  • Determining how much soil must be taken out with a photoionization detector
  • Removing contaminated soil in and around the buried oil tank
  • Transporting contaminated soil to a licensed facility for disposal
  • Working with other local experts such as a professional subsurface evaluator to inspect and prove the excavated area is clean.
  • Replacing the excavated area with certified backfill material, free from all debris or toxic chemicals


A1 Oil Tank Removal is a proud soil remediation service provider. We have handled numerous cases of contaminated soil in Indianapolis, IN. After successful completion of the remediation project, our team will provide a report detailing the whole soil remediation and disposal along with recommendations on whether further remedial actions are needed.

Warning Signs That Your Underground Heating Oil Is Contaminating The Soil

Buried oil tanks cause concerns for property owners since they generate perilous situations such as oil leaks. Here are some signs that will help you detect potential leakage and contamination at an early stage and perform remedial action before it becomes severe. 


  • No record of underground storage tank closure or it being properly abandoned.
  • Previous homeowners cannot provide soil testing reports that can prove no contamination occurred during the removal or decommissioning of the underground oil tank. 
  • A distinctive odor or smell of petroleum in one area of land and inside the house.
  • Visible soil staining and discoloration like oily or slimy soil patches.


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