Need a Residential Oil Tank Removal?

If you’ve been searching the internet for an oil tank removal company in Indianapolis, IN, give us a call! A1 Oil Tank Removal offers removal and legal disposal of both in-ground and underground oil storage tanks. We also have extensive experience in restoring the area around and above the oil tank to pristine condition.

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Residential Oil Tank Removal  in Indianapolis, IN

Your removal will be handled efficiently and in accordance with safety protocols. At A1 Oil Tank Removal, we ensure that our clients and personnel are safe throughout the removal. We work directly with other local authorities to obtain the correct oil tank removal permit and environmental experts who are knowledgeable about the safest approaches to take.

Removal is the safest preventative measure to be taken to avoid a  hazardous situation. A1 Oil Tank Removal is happy to discuss the assistance you need or answer any questions you may have about the removal and clean-up services we offer.

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Do Not Try To Do It Yourself!

Oil and tank removal is not something you should do yourself. DIY underground oil tank removal can result in bigger and much more costly problems. There are numerous reasons why you should not try to do it on your own and instead seek the assistance of professional residential underground oil tank removal companies in Indianapolis, IN.


Before you can begin the removal and disposal process, you have to order for inspection and obtain the proper oil tank removal permits.


Soil contamination resulting from oil leakage is a common problem when it comes to a poorly abandoned underground oil tank. Without the help of a licensed contractor during the removal process, you as the homeowner must take responsibility for the problems that may arise such as water and soil contamination.


Proper disposal of the oil tank is required by local authorities. Professionals like A1 Oil Tank Removal works with facilities where storage tanks can be legally disposed of or recycled.


Both above-ground and underground oil heating tanks must be completely emptied before removal or abandonment. This process does not only take time but must be performed by seasoned contractors using the right equipment to avoid making costly mistakes.

Underground Oil Tank Removal VS Abandonment In Place.

Removal and disposal mean that the oil tank as well as all the exterior vent piping and terminal facilities will be taken out. On the other hand, abandonment simply refers to the capping of the buried storage tank. Whatever option you choose, both processes should adhere to the municipal bylaws.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Tank Removal

Oil storage tanks abandoned in place.
  • Combustible liquids should be removed from the oil tank including the pipes attached to it.
  • All vapor lines including the gauge and suction must be disconnected.
  • The underground heating oil tank shouldl be filled with approved solid material.
  • Proper documentation of abandonment is necessary.
Oil storage tank removal and disposal.
  • The tank should be emptied, without a trace of any flammable liquid.
  • All piping must be disconnected from the tank and removed from the ground.
  • The openings of the oil tank must be closed or plugged.
  • Oil storage tanks must be prepared before removal. It must be cleaned of vapor.

In all in-ground or buried oil tank removals, extensive experience is needed. A1 Oil Tank Removal can do the job! We can take out oil tanks above ground or underground in Indianapolis, IN.


  • Pump out any remaining combustible liquid from the tank.
  • Remove tanks filled with sand.
  • Keep your basement dry and avoid sustaining physical injuries.
  • Utilize the best oil removal equipment.


A1 Oil Tank Removal will help you feel safer in your own home whilst ensuring the safety of the environment and wildlife during the process. If you would like to get an estimate or discuss your project with us, feel free to call our office.




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