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Many old homes in the United States have buried oil tanks. If you do not want to be one of the people who later on wished they never bought their property due to undiscovered oil tanks, and if you do not want to deal with tens and thousands of dollars worth of mess, contact us.


Prevention is better than raking up hefty penalty fees for causing health and environmental hazards. A1 Oil Tank Removal has the best Indianapolis oil tank sweep service that will help you uncover any hidden oil tank.


Let us talk! Our seasoned contractors will explain in detail the process of oil tank sweep with you.

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Order An Oil Tank Sweep Before Purchasing A House In Indianapolis, IN

Before buying a house, insist on doing an oil tank sweep. Check whether the property has an existing underground oil storage tank. A buried oil tank in your property can create big issues for you in the future. Finding out about its existence prior to sealing the deal with the seller will allow you to have other options like:


  • Decide not to purchase the property and not deal with the oil tank.
  • Have the home seller remove the underground storage tank at their expense.
  • Ask for a significant discount on the purchase price to account for the possible safety hazards.


A1 Oil Tank Removal recommends doing an oil tank sweep on the property as part of the pre-purchase inspection. We have an affordable underground oil tank sweep service that can give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

oil tank removed from underground

Our oil tank sweep includes:


Investigation of the property for visible signs of a buried oil heating tank. We will search the interior and exterior of the house for any indication of a past or current buried oil tank such as patchwork in the foundation walls. Our technicians will also look for abandoned piping and line connections.


The state-of-the-art equipment we use can scan up to 20 feet deep and detect metallic objects that are consistent with the shape and size of an underground storage tank. Our tools are capable of uncovering metal objects through soil, concrete, or asphalt.


Our team will document the whole oil tank sweep and will provide a copy of the report.

To ensure we provide the best service to all our clients, our technicians underwent rigorous training in locating underground oil tanks. Oil tank sweep is a highly efficient way to eliminate your worries of encountering oil tank problems like sludge buildup or soil contamination. A1 Oil Tank Removal will leave no area in your yard un-scanned. 

Work With A1 Oil Tank Removal

Nothing lower makes a property undesirable more than penalty fees and environmental cleanup due to underground storage tanks. Those are two things you really would not want to face. For residential and commercial oil tank sweeps, we are the experts to call.


A1 Oil Tank Removal is familiar with Indiana’s governing laws and regulations on above-ground and underground oil tanks. Our technicians have years of experience in oil tank sweep which makes us your ideal partner in finding hidden oil tanks in your yard. 


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