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Neglecting the dangers of leaking oil tanks is not a wise approach. Our experts at A1 Oil Tank Removal use modern techniques for successful decommissioning and removing of fuel tanks safely. We have the knowledge and expertise in thoroughly assessing and surveying underground oil tanks & potential environmental damage. The professional technicians of the company give exceptional attention to each detail to do the job right. 

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Being the leading oil tank removal company in Indianapolis, we offer the best and most affordable oil tank removal and soil remediation services. If you’re considering selling your home and that rusty underground tank is causing problems for you, we are the ones you need to contact.

Earlier, these large oil tanks served a purpose as people used them for heating services throughout Indianapolis. Over time the condition of these oil tanks get worse. This causes tanks to rust and develop cracks that resulting in oil leaking contamination. Apart from affecting the environment it also leads to some severe health issues.

Services Offered

Over the years, we have removed countless underground oil tanks from various locations. Whether the project is small or large, simple or complicated, we’ve always been able to complete the task of removing the oil tank from our customers premises. Our services includes the following:

    Oil Tank Removal

    The oil tank removal must not be stressful for you, which is why we are there for. If you have a buried oil tank in Indianapolis, IN, our team will remove it using the proper removal process. We have the tools and equipment to remove the oil tank from your property safely. Our technicians are exceptionally skilled in their jobs. Using heavy-duty equipment, we will safely remove the oil tank from your location.

    Oil Tank Sweep

    We at A1 Oil Tank Removal also inspect if there is an underground oil tank on a property. If you have a property and are unsure about the existence of an underground oil tank, we will help you in finding any hidden oil tank. The usual standard metal detectors lack the depth range that is needed to perform the oil tank sweep. Our highly trained professionals use subsurface detection locators to ensure that your new home or business property is underground oil tank free.

    Soil Testing

    It is essential to have the tank removed as early as possible, or it will adversely affect soil quality. If the oil has already leaked into the soil, it can lead to various consequences. Call our experts to check for oil leaks and know the extent of the contamination.

    Soil Remediation

    It is essential to remove the oil contaminants that find their way into the soil. After the successful removal of in-ground or underground oil tanks, soil remediation is the minimum environmental requirement. It deals with removing contaminated soil by restoring it to a clean and safe condition. Soil remediation is the only solution to put an end to soil contamination. A1 Oil Tank Removal also offers the following additional services:


    • We schedule inspections and review documents that are related to abandoned underground oil tanks.

    • Our experts inspect the area thoroughly where the oil tank is located before the operation.


    • The professional technicians of our company also offer guidance on approval and other procedures.


    • We offer oil pumping to remove oil from above or underground tanks.

    Always keep note of having an underground oil tank removed from the property before purchasing a new home. Also, if you are selling a home, it is typically your responsibility to remove the oil tank from your property. With us, you can stay assured that we take extreme care while removing tanks from your premises. Our services are comprehensive and all-inclusive in the prices to keep a transparent payment structure. Talk with our experts today.




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